The following comments are from teachers who have taken one or more of the courses. These testimonials are the actual statements but are only representative of the many comments received.

"I learned so much! I thought I was pretty well versed on the Internet as I was usually able to find what I needed. I can explore so much more efficiently. I have told everyone I know about this course."~ Juanita

"This was a very enjoyable experience. Although I thought myself to be an advanced Internet user, my world was opened 10-fold by doing this work. I feel my job as an educator is forever enriched by finding the sites and newsgroups contained in this course. I have recommended it to friends and colleagues."~ Christina

"I have enjoyed your classes thoroughly and find them appropriately structured to meet the needs of educators. I especially appreciate the final project being a lesson plan instead of a research paper. Also, thank you for allowing us to use our own preferred formats. We come away from you class with a ready-to-implement plan instead of a plan we need to revise to meet our teaching methods and philosophies."~ Norma

"This course really opened my eyes to the many resources available on the Internet. Because I had very little experience with using the Internet, I now feel more confident."~ Scott

"The explanations of how to search the Internet, use newsgroups and mailing lists were excellent. They were the basics of what everyone should know. I learned much about how to use the web and found excellent ideas to use in my classroom."~ Denise

"I really enjoyed taking this course and discovering the many diverse and educational resources available on the Internet."~ Lana

"Although I was apprehensive about the course at the beginning, I found myself becoming 'at ease' at the computer. So much I DIDN'T know! I am far from becoming an expert, but I have gained new skills that I needed to help students who are more knowledgeable than I. Thank you."~ Jayne

"Looking forward to next school year to try this with my students."~ William

"Thanks for the opportunity to broaden my ability to navigate through the Web. I learned so much information about newsgroups, search engines and especially San Francisco."~ Terri

"I loved doing this. I took my class to the computer lab today for the 1st time. It was really fun! I liked it as much as my students."~ Patricia

"Thank you! Even though I am quite 'Internet aware' there always seems to be something new out there. This lesson (plan) is going into my technology classroom."~ Norman

"I felt this class definitely helped me to comprehend the Internet as a resource. Mostly, it forced me to take the time to use the Internet. I will be using what I learned in this class in my 7th grade science class."~ Robert

"Great course. It is great to know about such a tremendous wealth of information. This will be a great resource for me this year in math."~ Tim

"Great websites - lots of information and useful!"~ Tammy

"My skill in using/utilizing the Internet has improved considerably during the process of completing this course. I have tried search techniques that I had never tried before, have found out where to find and how to use listserves and newsgroups, and have book marked numerous fractal sites that will be used in the future. The benefits of taking this course have definitely exceeded all my expectations."~ Joel

"Your www sites investigations sections are great & the best part of each course."~ David

"I enjoyed the course a great deal. The time seemed to fly by while I was on the Internet. I found the websites to be a great source of information for me in my math classes. Thank you."~ Tim

"Thank you for a very useful and practical course! I love teaching math and I feel that this course will enhance my teaching greatly!"~ Yvonne

"This was a great course. I learned a lot from the web sites."~ Tracy

"I got a lot of great ideas and lesson plans and enjoyed my time on the Internet."~ Donna

"I enjoyed browsing the Internet and discovering many terrific sites that should be of tremendous benefit in future lessons. Thanks."~ Nicholas

"This course made me more aware of search engines and websites that can be accessed. I had never used newsgroups or listserves for information. I found that my use of the computer expanded."~ Cathleen

"I enjoyed this course immensely. This course guided me to useful resources on the Internet, as well as enabled me to explore the world of social studies on my own. I will be informing my colleagues of the courses available to them via the Internet and I look forward to taking more courses in the future."~ Suzanne

"I've enjoyed the very unique challenge this course offered. My computer was new to me, as well as online capability, www, surfing, etc. I'm grateful to be completing this."~ Teri

"I really enjoyed this class. I found a number of sites that I can use in my classroom. I look forward to revisiting many of these sites so that I can continuously add to my current course."~ Susan

"Excellent class, I learned a lot about Internet resources and ways to apply the information in the classroom."~ Sheela

"This was a very useful course for me as a life science teacher. So much of the plant and animal life that I teach is marine, and now I feel like I have an entire new world of resources for both my students and me to use."~ Catherine

"This course opened fantastic avenues of interest and potential. I love the Internet classes and the school by mail program really helps."~ Mari Jo

"Website searching and learning was awesome."~ Renee

"I plan to take further Internet courses. Great course!"~ Gerardo

"It seems the more you learn about the Internet, the more you see what is available. Getting hooked could be a big problem for me."~ Shirley

"Excellent course! The Internet is a vast world of resources, but without proper guidance, one can easily be lost or sidetracked and discouraged. This course gives good beginning intro to surfing the net for effect searches of what you're looking for."~ (unknown)

"This gave me a good base for developing an art program. Since I'm a one-computer classroom, my on-line lessons are an enhancement of classroom lessons."~ Patricia

"I found your class structure and presentation very well tailored to meet the needs of educators, both within the educational setting as personal. Thank you for producing such an enjoyable and worthwhile class."~ Norma

"The sites were great! I spent hours just looking through them."~ Edward

"Good class - great links to incredible information."~ William

"This was my best course so far!"~ Dianne

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